File 003: Someone has been stealing from my farm

This letter came in among the many files that I had to archive and document.

[Name redacted],

You don’t know me, but I’ve heard something about you and know that you’ll be interested in this kind of things. I happen to be the guy who’s always glad to share some thrill. So let me tell you a tiny story here.

A while ago someone was stealing from the farms. Our town had always been a quiet place where the most outrageous gossip would be about one of the pigs strayed from the farm and got itself drowned in the nearby creek. So you can imagine what a shock it was to the community when we found that someone was stealing from the local farms.

We cultivated quite a few different things out here. Though the majority of people had wheat growing in their fields, there were also orchids and pig farms and cows and sheep. We enjoyed the variety and things had always been like this since the time of our fathers’ fathers.

The theft started at Old John’s farm and then spread to the north and west. At first, people thought that it was just a one-time thing. But when the losses persisted and evolved into brutally slaughtered animals and chopped fruit trees, the town came together to come up with a solution.

Community patrols were set up, and more lights were installed along the road (at least where houses were nearby). It helped, somewhat, and soon every farm participated in these actions. Except for mine.

My farm was located at the outskirts of the community. Isolated. There was really no use of setting up the patrol as everyone would just try very hard not covering my area. Lights would be equally useless. Those were installed to let people spot suspicious activities easier. But what’s the use of a thousand lights if there was no one on the lookout?

Folks kept nagging me about not taking actions, worrying over my property and safety. I appreciated their concern, but I knew how to take care of myself.

So when the dogs broke into frenzy barking one evening, I was not a bit surprised. I grabbed my torch and rifle, and got out of the house.

‘Who’s there?’ I yelled, putting ferocity into my voice. ‘Fuck off you scums! You’ll be more than sorry if I find you!’

Then I proceeded toward my field with the dogs still barking mad near their kennels. I knew it would be safer for me had I let the dogs out, but I loved my dogs and was reluctant to put them in danger, especially during the night when I couldn’t see shit without a torch.

The further I went, the slower my steps were. I scanned the surroundings as I advanced, and listened to any unusual sound.

‘Come out, come out, wherever you are,’ I chuckled lightly. I was nervous while trying to give the intruders a good spook, which resulted in the extra creepy way of speaking.

Before long I could hear low whimpering amid the darkness. I swept my torch sideways for a scan and, voila, a teen boy was curling in the crop field. He stopped dead when the light fell upon his face, staring straight at me, wide-eyed, like a frightened deer. Blood was all over the place, and his right leg was snapped by the metal trap I had hidden in the field. I think I saw a glimmer of bone white amid the bloody gore.

‘There is no happy ending for thieves like your sort in this story, you know,’ I calmly informed him.

The wounded teen seemed triggered by my remark, suddenly becoming very livid. He screamed and cursed with spittle flying everywhere. Like some rabid animal. That’s why I kept my dogs in their kennels. You never know what they might contract out here.

Amid the boy’s hysterical screams, I was sure I heard something else. I raised my hand but the boy seemed not to understand my meaning. It didn’t matter. I had great hearing anyway.

‘What’s that? You have friends with you? Seems like they themselves had got into some trouble, haven’t they?’

The boy only screamed louder. One second he would curse with great rage, and the next second he would be all begging and pleading. Humans are unstable as such by nature.

‘Don’t worry,’ I smile reassuringly. ‘Me and my dogs will take care of you.’

Indeed. I was just starting to worry about the food money I had to spend on my dogs.

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