Reddit Nosleep [Buried Gem Select] 2018 Oct. Session 1

There are a lot of wonderful stories enjoying well-deserved attention and encouragement from the equally wonderful Nosleep readers. But there are always gems that get overlooked either because of luck, timing, or other reasons.

This list is dedicated to those great stories that are fantastic in nature, but receive less than 200 upvotes when each issue of list is released. The Buried Gem Select will be released twice a month (on the 15th and the last day of each month) with 10 stories to share, and is by no means comprehensive. It is just a way to share some interesting stories that might have gone under your radar.

1. The Lonliest Place on Earth   by Abstractcastle

2. I work a night shift.  by mean4meaning

3. I work at a nursing home with interesting characters.  by CeilidhLPN

4. They told me to charter a private plane. It’d be better than flying coach, they said.  by TheEhhhGatsby

5. They Were Inside  by ZeCookieMunsta

6. The Orphan Train  by LurkingHorrorWriter

7. Annonymous Rabbit  by reyfran1111

8. Emergency Medical Technician story  by awsmithwrites

9. I Work at a Tram Depot and the Other Night Something Inexplicable Happened  by RehnWriter

10. Mangoes are delicious  by witchy-woo





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