Reddit Nosleep [Buried Gem Select] 2018 Oct. Session 2

Here is the second Buried Gem Select of October 2018, featuring a list of 10 interesting stories that somehow got no more than 200 upvoates each.

For the previous Buried Gem Select session, please go here.

  1. What I Experienced in the New Mexican Wilderness   by Jay Diem
  2. I Work as a Social Media Intern   by CandidDoctor
  3. 75 Kilometers Later, I Still Can’t See the End of This 25-Kilometer Straight Road   by FMODC
  4. 3:07am   by rFate
  5. Guinea Pig   by Ilunibl
  6. Nightshift   by BassIsRealThing
  7. Career Opportunities in the New Economy   by Orphanology
  8. Can I Have Free Stuff?   by machenBtalkin
  9. The Racoon   by GHagel
  10. There has been a string of strange overdoses in South Florida lately   by IEscapedFromALab


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