Reddit Nosleep [Buried Gem Select] 2018 Nov. Session 1

This list is dedicated to those great stories that are fantastic in nature, but receive less than 200 upvotes when each issue of list is released. The Buried Gem Select will be released twice a month (on the 15th and the last day of each month) with 10 stories to share, and is by no means comprehensive. It is just a way to share some interesting stories that might have gone under your radar.

1. Sweetness Undone   by 6Corpses

2. He Speaks with a Forked Tongue  by Mr_Minot

3. I Went To A Haunted Pirate Tavern  by rhonnie14

4. Night Shift Incident Report  by QuackNate

5. I hitchhiked into a mysterious town  by TylerSleeper

6. Something weird happened with the previous tenants  by nosejapones

7. The Ring Of Light  by TheAncientMarinade

8. The Beekeeper  by TheRabidNarwhal

9. My fathers experience in the congo war  by comradegrigor

10. There’s Something in the Porcupine Mountains  by Melon_Ghost


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