Reddit Nosleep [Buried Gem Select] 2018 Nov. Session 2

This list is dedicated to those great stories that are fantastic in nature, but receive less than 200 upvotes when each issue of list is released. The Buried Gem Select will be released twice a month (on the 15th and the last day of each month) with 10 stories to share, and is by no means comprehensive. It is just a way to share some interesting stories that might have gone under your radar.

1. I Hate The Noise  by He_Who_Must_B_Named

2. I Don’t Recommend Ice-Fishing In Quebec  by bigolbrew

3. The Search Party For My Uncle  by awsmithwrites

4. The Birds Outside Were Quiet  by appreciatescolor

5. The Man Who Cheated The Devil  by HeadOfSpectre

6. My Near Death Gas Station Experience  by Arekide

7. Our Christmas tree is up.  by Glowtrains

8. All your firniture is alive  by poloniumpoisoning

9. The Little People of Snowy Peak  by whoeverever

10. Elf on a Shelf  by TheForrestWanderer


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